• Dec 08 Thu 2005 23:39
  • Sears

Bo's mother reminded me.

We took really silly Christmas photos too.
It cost us $25 to buy a sheet of "touched up" ones.

That of which takes myself A SECOND to do in Photoshop myself.

We did end up purchasing a couple of those pricy ones (color me stupid please?)

But I scanned some of the prints and make real nice "touched up" ones myself still.
(copy right nazi, don't catch me)

I think they turned out nice.

(Daddy wants to be cut out. He's not good looking like us anyway hahaha..)
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  • angiefuller
  • that's really nice! I definitely think it's worth the money <br />
    to go to a photo studio...we didn't do that, i just found <br />
    some photo of 3 of us at home and edited the size and <br />
    edge and there it was a Christmas photo of us...i made it <br />
    stickers and use them on my christmas cards this <br />
    year...maybe next year we'll consider doing the pro <br />
    photo thingy.
  • Renny
  • Those are great pictures. I wanted to take BO to Sears <br />
    for long time, but always feel something is not perfect. <br />
    Bad hairstyle, no good outfits, scratches on the face, <br />
    etc. Lucky we have the digital cameras now so don't <br />
    need to worry about wasting the films. But I think I will <br />
    take BO to try out the professional one next year.
  • ritahsia
  • Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss<br />
    So.....CUTE...<br />
    Can't stop to kiss her. <br />
    oh....X'mas, the season for our Jesus yoooo....<br />
    Any plan?
  • joy4love
  • Angie, the wait was too long and Noelle cooperated so <br />
    well I didn't feel they took long enough time with us <br />
    hahaha...the other families there spent a good 30 mins <br />
    just to get their kids to smile and we were in and out <br />
    withint 15....but they were great pictures of her and it <br />
    saves me the hassle so it's still worth it I guess.<br />
    <br />
    Renny, there's never a perfect moment. Just got to get <br />
    off your butt and do it! Bo is PERFECT every time I seen <br />
    her!<br />
    <br />
    Rita, I can't stop kissing her too haha.<br />
    Big plan for Christmas would be to eat. I'm hoping to get <br />
    a tree this Saturday and decorate our house. I usually <br />
    sing in the choir in our church but not this year...they <br />
    didn't have it. Sigh..guess I'll have to sing in the shower <br />
    as usual.