The highlight of this past weekend ( WASN'T the food...)
was to visit hubby's best friend's new house in Sunnyvale for the first time,
and to let Noelle play with their two kids, Victoria and Tyler.

The two fathers grew up fighting over everything from toys to bikes,
(even toothpaste boxes!)
so it was a wonderful sight to see that their children got to play with each other and fight for toys too!

Noelle and Tyler eating next to each other.

Little Victoria is a model! She posts every time I point my camera to her.

Look at us underneath the slide....(Tyler was SERIOUSLY protesting!)

The girls enjoyed fish tanks all over the house!

When it comes to nap time, guess what did Noelle ask to sleep with?

You'd be right! A ball....

After nap time, it's BBQ time! The bay area does get cold at night but the kids really didn't mind!


Uncle Jenson with three kiddies!

Victoria on the move.

Noelle and Tyler going crazy!

Two cuties!

Noelle did wake up a couple times at night because she had so much fun during the day,
however it was a good stay overall.

The next day all three kids got loaded into the same car because I took the other car,
that was a sight....

Let's think about what you did wrong now....

Ok we're done. Can we have candy?

I heard Tyler cried the whole day after we're gone, and I know Noelle misses these two friends too!
Ok kiddies! Let's all hold hands can promise to be good friends forever!

Tyler: no thank you! I don't do the hold hands stuff!

On a side note:
You all think Noelle is this really brave little girl who isn't afraid of anything?
Well, you'd be wrong! 
Watch this clip and see what she can and can not handle!


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