In my family tradition. We don't call mother's father 阿公 or 公公,
We call him 老爺, and we call mother's mom 姥姥 (I know how much my mom hates that hahaha..)

Well, 老爺 is going to make a quick stop for a few hours either on the 8th or the 9th of Feb.
at the SFO airport while travelling back to Taiwan on his business trip.

Every night now I tried to teach 小小 to say something about 老爺.
I play some clips of him and her together because the book says
if they see it on tv/in action, they get to know the person and believe it's true (ex. Barnie...)

Here is just a warm-up clip of what I taught her.
Basically I asked her if she's good (乖不乖?) and she'd said good (乖)... that melts my heart.
Then I asked if she likes grandpa (喜不喜老爺?) and she'd said that she does (喜!).
Then she fell....typical~~

Hope 老爺 will like those tricks. It's just a few hours...
I wish he can stay longer...but he can't.
小小 misses 老爺~~~



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