I ran around like a headless chick
this Easter the past Sunday
because I actually had to sing in the choir that day.

So I woke up,
do the usual things
(hide myself in the blanket to block out Noelle's crying for mamamamamamama and stuff...)
and dress both of us up
for the wonderful Easter.

Left home by 8:30 to make it to choir practice at 9.
Practice for an hour
(The song, No Greater Love by John W. Peterson,
runs about 40 minutes long...even though we skipped 1/3 of the book already...)

Then waited for dada to bring Noelle over
only to find out that she'd fallen asleep in the car
so dada had to wait in the car for her to wake up.

By the time that I absolutely had to put her down to nursery,
it was about 10:50 and
Noelle wasn't really much in the mood to play in the nursery.
So I had to leave her crying while I ran to the praying room to join the others.

After I sang, I went back to the nursery,
Noelle had made herself quite comfortable in it.
I heard all the babysitter telling me the tricks she turned,
and how she'd chased Luke, the boy she plays with quite often and is about half-year older than her,
out of his cart so that she could sit in it.
She's a bully~~~

Overall, it was a great Easter.
Even though the song was really long,
the story of Jesus' resurrection really touched me through it.
Praise God for everything I have for sure!

Ms. Bully...


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