Every Sunday we go to church.
Every Sunday we dress up.
Every Sunday Noelle shows off her pretty clothes.

She enjoys herself.

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  • angiefuller
  • pretty girl!! thanks for your msg on my blog!<br />
    I notice that we have the same high chair (from your <br />
    album)...mm...same taste :) Nice meeting you and 小小!!
  • seowvivi
  • hi, i'm Vivian from Malaysia, your 小小 is <br />
    same age with my little girl "Jovin". <br />
    your 小小 is bery chubby.....cute..
  • Renny
  • It's funny how Noelle enjoys looking at herself in the <br />
    mirror. She looks sooooo cute! I also love the picture in <br />
    the background. She sleeps just like an angle!
  • joy4love
  • Vivian: I'll have to go check your little Jovin out. Kids at <br />
    this age are just adorable. (Except for mine...she's too <br />
    much work...) <br />
    <br />
    Renny: "She sleeps just like an angle!" What <br />
    misconception hahaha...
  • jodilee
  • 小小好可愛<br />
    小女生就是這樣<br />
    可以夾髮夾<br />