We finally got a tree Saturday.

I personally think it's kind of late already.
But hubby thinks it can still wait.
So we're a (not)happy medium.

Anyway, the tree got set up on our "foyer" (no bigger than your normal cubicle but o well..)
We opened up the blinds so people can see just how pretty it is.

Bare tree looks empty, but smells real nice.

Noelle loves it when she woke up from a nap and see this!

Real nice at night when lit up.

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  • ritahsia
  • Wowow....<br />
    The season for a happy celebration!!!!!<br />
    I can't wait for the Christmas party 2. <br />
    Haha!!!<br />
    Our Young adult fellowship decided to have Hot Pot, and <br />
    drive around the Chino valley. what's your family plan?<br />
    <br />
  • angiefuller
  • nice tree!<br />
    we don't plan on getting a tree this year...it's so much <br />
    hassle getting it and getting rid of it afterward. We got a <br />
    noble-fur tree last Christmas when we were living in <br />
    L.A...I think it's great to have a tree when you're going to <br />
    have company over, otherwise, kinda a waste, that's why <br />
    we just gave up on that thought...BUT, we decorated our <br />
    house with lights and decors :)
  • joy4love
  • Rita, our church will have a special service on the 18th <br />
    and our fellowship has just gathered some donation for <br />
    the missionary couple we supported. My side of the <br />
    family will have a Chrsitmas eve dinner at my cousin's <br />
    house and on Christmas day we'll probably host dinner <br />
    at mine. Busy busy....but it's great to be able to <br />
    celebrate Jesus' birthday.<br />
    <br />
    Angie, I don't think we're really going to have company <br />
    but I've always love having a real tree. Yes it's a hassle <br />
    to get them and toss them (my hubby thinks so too...) <br />
    but it's only once a year, he can deal with it hahaha..