One of my good friends, Judy’s house is up for sale now. 
Her family has lived in that house for the past eight years, 
and have experience lots in that house.  

With God’s blessing and grace, 
The family is moving to Texas. 
Judy’s husband, Charles, will leave first soon around 8/18, 
and Judy will stay to finish her school and 
take care of the rest of the moving process. 

This wonderful house is located in Rocklin, 
short distance to the mall and the freeway. 
If you or anyone you know needs to buy a house, 
let me know! 
Or you can offer your prayers for the rough months ahead of this family as well!

View virtual tour.

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  • 塔塔
  • 我才想....ㄟ<br />
    難道joy藥賣房子喔 哈哈哈 <br />
  • 舊金山威嫂
  • 其實Joy也可以來賣房子啦<br />
  • joy4love
  • Honestly I don't like the RE industry...even prior to me working in no selling <br />
    house~~~I'll stick to writing poems haha...