Every night after dinner,
the three stooges, I mean,
Noelle and her dada mama would enjoy some time together
because we spent most of our day apart from each other.

Last night, Noelle sat on the sofa
and played with dada.
Her entertainment choice of the night was...

supermarket's advertiment paper!!!
It really IS the small things that count!

You can't see me...


Hey I'm on camera!!

And this morning,
Noelle lay on our bed as usual
to enjoy her milk.

Now tell me, can ANYONE think of a better thing to do,
then to lay on your parents bed drinking milk
watching them busy getting ready
and get entertained by them cooing and ahhing at you
when you're 1.5 year old? I can't...


On the car,
Noelle entertained herself again...
Mirror mirror on the wall~~


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