I think being a Christian mother,
my biggest prayer for Noelle
would be that she know, love, and serve God all her life.

Everytime I see her,
my heart is filled with thanksgiving.

I have no idea what I've done to deserve such
and loving daughter.

I think being a mother
really taught me to see a lot of things
through the eyes of God

How He longs for us to love Him,
how He wants to be there for us,
how He shows mercy, no matter how bad we've become,
and how He love,

I now therefore adding a category to share
with those who come visit.
My spiritual life in Christ,
as His daughter,
as a fellow sister of Christian,
and as a mother.

Sharing with you also,
the music of Chris Rice-- Come to Jesus.

This song warms my heart,
made me cried,
and really touched me at times when I was lost
and could not get myself out of the hole I'd digged up.

May God's love and peace be with you,
at all times.
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