Every night
it's Noelle's mother's job
to put Noelle down to sleep.
(of course a big part has to do with
that Noelle only wants mommy...)

Mama will read her either "Sweet dream Mimi"
or "Otto goes to sleep".
Depending on Noelle's mood.

If she's in a good mood,
sometimes we'd read Bible together too.
But a lot of time she just end up tearing the pages
so I'm reserveing that for when she grows up a little.

We'd pray afterwards
(basically I pray and she'd look around
and waiting for me to say, "in Jesus' name we pray"
then she'd "ah...." with me while I amen)

After I put Noelle down,
she loves for me to hold her hand
while her little musical is playing songs.

It's at that time that I feel
that everything is worth it.
That my existance becomes just that much more meaningful
because I am so needed.

A lot of time we'd just blink at each other
(hard to talk with her paci in her mouth sigh...)
and I'd pray inside and give thanks to
this wonderful gift that God has given me.
I'd whisper,
"Remember why you're put here on earth
remember who you belong to
and who you must serve,
when you place your life in Jesus
He'll richly bless you
He'll guide you through everything
and most important of all,
you will then learn the sweet love
that you can only experience
knowing Him..."

I'd then say goodnight and leave her toss and turn a little
knowing I'd be so happy
going into her room again
next morning.


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