So I got a book that I've been hoping to get for a while: The Power of a Praying Parent.
And I've decided to read a chapter and pray for Noelle by her bedside
after she's fallen asleep.

Last night, I went into her room, 
didn't think I'd get the chance of touching her at all because she sleeps, well, just like me
where she could start one end and end up the other.
And this is what I found.

Hmm...sweet dream~~

I wondered if I should praying for her by grabbing her feet,
much like praying for one by putting hands on their body.
But I decided it wouldn't be such a good idea
for I might wake her.

Instead, after praying, I thought this was so funny,
that I took more photos of that leg that sticked out.

Mommy loves biting on this....why she does it is beyond me!

I've no idea that I'd lost my dear pacifier....

Whoever said sleeping good is sleeping like a baby never seen something like this.
I'd think that this position can't be too comfortable.


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