I have been dreading putting Noelle on one of my childhood favorite things to do
-- the Merry-go-rounds. (旋轉木馬)

I was thinking she will either:
1. Cry so much the first time because of the motion and wastes my money or
2. Love it so much and won't get off.

Today I finally decided that I can no longer deprive her of the possible joy of going on those thing
and tried it out with Noelle for the first time.

I prepped her first by letting her watch other kids going on them.
She was very excited and kept yelling "馬馬!馬馬!"
I decided it's best to pick a stationary horse that doesn't go up and down the first time
so that she won't have to deal with to many different motions.

I thought she would put up a little "koala" struggle with me
since she'd never went on something like that before,
and since she was terrified of the other motion machine a couple of weeks ago. 

Nope! Nothing like that at all.
She was very happy to be on one of them,
and wanted me to not hold on to her after she's strapped down.
So I actually freed up one hand to take some picuters.

This thing moves? Really?

YES! Finally!

My little pony~~

Look at the concentration level!

After the thing started moving, she was so happy she wanted me to not touch her at all.
I could see that she was holding on pretty tight, so I took a little clip too...

For those of you that speaks English only, I asked if she liked it, and she replied yes.
My first Merry-go-round! (careful...she was so excited she was yelled at first...)

When the music stopped, she didn't want to come down (naturally)
but as all the other kids were getting off,
I just told her everyone is getting off and tell her to hurry too because we don't want to be the last one.
She thought it's fun to get off so we didn't have much of a struggle at the end either.
She did, however, eye on the Merry-go-round for the longest time.
I just know that I can't give in to her ways of staying for once I set up the expection of going on it many times,
I'll suffer later on.

I actually thought maybe I should've just put her on a real one that moves because she was doing so well.
Well...maybe next time.


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