Noelle goes to bed normally around 7PM.
Most would think that's too early.
But she has to wake up before 6 for us to make it to work by 7,
so it's really neccessary.

Friday nights I normally leave her home with dada,
and go to my fellowship alone.
I wish I could take her with me, 
but she really just use Margaret and Song's house as Motel 6, to sleep in.

Last night we actually went bowling at Country Club Lanes.
Noelle got pretty good naps in the day, 
so I decided to let her out for a change.

The music was BLASTING! 
Crowd was loud, we were all loud, 
and the sound of the bowling balls dropping on the floor was loud too.
Noelle looked like she was on drugs or something-- very very high!

She tried to handle a bowling ball,
and however careful I was, she right away got hit in the face with it.
That's still something to be thankful for, 
because she didn't ask for another one the rest of the night haha...

Yay!!! Good one dude!

She loved high-five everyone when they finish bowling the round.
Got mad when the person walk away without doing it
whether he/she had a strike or a gutter ball...

Cherring mama on!

Don't move Noelle...picture time!

She ended up very tired, understandably, and fell asleep around 9:30PM
so I really only bowled one round.

This morning of course, 
she woke up crying around 4:30!

When they said the more they sleep, they better they sleep, it's no myth, it's true!
I guess I won't be taking her out for any night time activity for a while.
Sorry dude, just have to stay put until you reach 18!


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