We go to the State Fair every single year.
It's really great family fun and
some food you can only get at the fair.

Not that I enjoy all of them.
Things like deep-fried snicker bar or
Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich
are really best enjoyed by those 
who age between 20-30 and
weight less than 100 lbs.

I normally go for the corn on the cob and catfish on a stick.

Anyway, we went this Saturday with Karl, Krystal and their kids
Victoria and Tyler.

Here we go with pictures!!

SHADES are very important.

Ready to enter the gate! Look at the crowd!

I think Victoria is checking Noelle's sandals out...

Noelle's encounter with sheeps.

She really didn't want to pet any of those farm animals though.
The funny thing is that she was gagging entering the barn...
She didn't know how to communicate verbally that it stinks so she gags...haha...

Cows....see how she just didn't know WHAT to do here?

Heat and excitment drain anyone to this stage I think.

The highlight of the day was Noelle's first time on the Farris Wheel!
Good thing she woke up for it!

Mommy with Noelle before we got on.

Noelle waiting anxiously!

See Noelle's face to determin if she enjoyed it...

Wonderful view.

here to view us in the ride!

It was a great day, 
but my legs weren't mine for another 24 hours following that day.
It's very tiring so I guess once a year will do!


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