This weekend was our 6th year anniversary
and hubby and I had planned to let
my aunt Opal and uncle Tim to babysit Noelle.

Before we let them take her,
I was hoping to drain her out
so that she could nap.

We went to the playground,
as that's one of her favorite places to be.

Ready to go!

Noelle insisted that her hood stayed on. Weird, I know....

Note to self: if the wagon is in motion, don't stand up or you'll fall down and can't get up....

Trying to walk off the structure from about 5 feet hight.

Highlight of this trip has got to be where dada puts her on the little rolling thing.
This is where bigger kids will run and run to keep the roller going.
Of couse she's too small for that.
So....this will do.

She doesn't look too comfortable...does she?

Looks even less comfortable here...

Truth is, she loved it! 
Didn't want to get off of that thing for like 5 minutes!

We celebrated the date by watching a movie
with just the two of us for the longest time.
World Trade Center was a great movie.
Even though it made me cry and cry 
but it filled me with good feeling when I walk out of the theater.

Aunt Opal said Noelle was a good girl when they were babysitting her.
They even took her shopping and got her a cute outfit!
Only down side was that...
She pooped twice and went commando for the last hour~~

Sunday I put her in one of the pretty dresses that
her Aunt Pauline from U.K. got her.
It's a bit long...

Somehow when she sat on the floor,
it looked like a Korean/Japanese style dress.

Watch Noelle sing!


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