Noelle got to play with some friends
when she visited Aunt Margaret's house
on Friday night during fellowship time.

Christine, Noelle, and Luke

Christine being a great big sister!

Wonder what the round table meeting is about....

Noelle enjoying her ride!

Saturday we took Noelle to Cold Stone for ice cream.
Though she really shouldn't have any ice cream
because of her skin condition,
we figured a little fun at time shouldn't hurt that much.

Despite the look at the end, she enjoyed it.

Look at this focus!! (It was real thick so she had to work extra hard at it!)

Then in the evening, we took her out to playground again.
This time, we let her sit on the swing
and she had a blast!
We met another little Noelle in the playground, 
and they had fun together.

Sitting on the swing.


Noelle with, well, Noelle.....

Click to see Noelle WEEEEEEEEEEE..........


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