Sleeping has always been one of the biggest challenges of Noelle's life.
Her daily sleep requirement is at 13.75 hours.
While every baby can sleep more or less,
Noelle does sleep a lot less that even her doctor is concern about it.
She gets in average about 11 hours a day.

Normally we put her down around 7, and wake her up around 5:30.
That gives us about 10.5 hours of night sleep, which isn't bad.
However, during the day, she can sleep anywhere between
9 to 10 letters (字), which means 45~50 minuts, to 1,5 hours.

When she's with grandma and great grandma during the week,
though I'm not there to watch her,
I know they don't have schedule or routine to help her sleep,
and if she resists, they let her be.
When she's at home with me during the weekend,
We have a pretty good schedule and routine set up,
but she wants to play, and wakes up about 30 mins into the nap knowing she's home.

So it's no wonder that I'm always worry about her sleep.
She's been going down at night pretty easily for about 3~4 months now
and I'm always so thankful that at least she gets in a good amount of sleep
at night.

However, for the past few days, she's been different.
I don't know if she's teething, lord knows she has 16 now already,
or something is bothering her...
I'm worry sick about her sleeping just about the same amount as me now...

So for the past few nights,
her dada and I kept the noise to the minimum,
went in and out of her room a few times,
hopeing she'll calm down eventually,
but most of the time
we do this...

It's very funny and at the same time, hard, watching her cry, getting comfortable, and cry waving her hands like that.

Anyone got any advice?


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