^ this picture is for Rita...bet you like that.

Anyway, so I took Noelle out to the neighborhood park
for the first time today.
We've always enjoyed walking around our neighborhood
but I've always thought that she's too young to enjoy the playground.

I thought I should give it a try to kill some time today,
so I did.

Noelle didn't warm up to the facility that fast,
not knowing what it was.
I showed her the slide, which she has that miniture one at home,
and climbing some stairs,
which she was trying to step off a 5 feet tall structure by herself that nearly gave me a heart attack,
but if you have kids or been one yourself and can still remember,
it's the sands that captures these kids the most.
(you know the place where if you think about just how dirty/yucky it is, you won't even step on?)

Hesitant at first...

Warming up...

Feels quite comfortable...

Mommy is starting to feel UNcomfortable...

About to kiss the sand...it's mommy's cue to go!!!!

-->Click to see Noelle change her name toSandy

By this time, she forgot who she is, forgot mommy is even there....

In the process of trying to distract her from the departure, a wild flower was harm....

We had a good time. It was really wonderful out.


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