Can you spot something different of Noelle in that picture?

Well, when I went over to my inlaw's house, there were a couples of scary images:
First there was the spreading of DIAPER CREAM all over Noelle's legs.
Dear old grandma can't tell what cream is for what so basically
she grabs whatever she can find, and spread it onto the area that needs, whatever attention.

Then there was the scratching like crazy around the eyes.
That was something that we're quite familiar with so I didn't worry at first.
However, upon closer examination, I noticed that Noelle got little bumps all over her face.
And she wasn't happy to see us, but kept scratching and crying.

I started to get worry and held her up to look at her.
Sure enough her eyes looked swollen too and her whole face was red.
I asked Noelle's great grandma what'd she eat, and she said, "o she took a bite of the little orange."

Little Orange?! She eats orange all the time, that can't be it! I said to myself.

So I asked, a little later again, "is there anything that she ate that she SHOULDN'T eat? Like, peanut?"
Dear old GGma said, "o yeah, she ate one, and ate another one off the floor..."

By this time I was sweating inside, because I know that's something we dare not let her try
knowing how sensitive her skin is.
We called the Dr. on call and she asked us if the swalling has gone down, I said no, it's gotten worse
(Noelle's dada, at this point, is giving me dirty looks thinking I overreacted...)
So Dr. told us to take her to ER, in case that there are worse things to come, such as respiratory problems.

Here we were waiting in ER's fast track room. We were there for total of 3 hours, which was EXTREMELY lucky already.

My little trooper. Squeezed a little smile out of her.

Getting restless, and late...

My poor baby~~

She got better when she was being checked out already and her dada gave me that, "I knew it wasn't such a big deal" look.

Overall, it was a very scary experience and I was shaking on the way to ER...

Dr. gave us Benedryl and basically knocked her out. Her dada is out now getting more dosage of it so that we can
keep her allergic reaction under control.

Well Noelle, guess not peanut better and jelly sandwich for you then~~~


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